China Air Force General is dependant on the mass production of his planes mixed with good defense in order to achieve victory.

Picture: Unit: Description Cost:
Hover Craft Ferries vehicles on water or land but must be guarded because of lack of armor. 900
China Bomber Air Field This Airfield allows for the construction of C-60's 1500
Chinese 6 plane Airfield Allows you to build most planes and helicopters 2000
Tow Track This Anti-Vehicle weapon can kill most vehicles in one volley 1100
T-83 Artillery This is the Replacement for the inferno Cannon, it doesn't have a turret 900
Flame Turret This is Air Force General's main defense, it has two modes, Flame Thrower and Inferno Shells 1200
Mi-96 A standard helicopter for Tanks and soldiers 1500
Su-47 The F-22's Rival, an air superiority fighter 2000
Su-33 Standard Fighter much better than the Previous MIG 1500
SAM Battery This is China's stationary Air Defense 800


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