These are the downloads for Conquer or Die:

Programs and others

Conquer Or Die .5 beta
you will need Winrar in order to extract the the mod
Earliest version with many bugs Download now
Conquer Or Die .6 beta Less bugs, however there is an incomplete general, and balancing has not been started Download now
Winrar a better compressor then WinZip and you can use the trial version as long as you want Download now

C&C3 Tiberian Wars Files - Notice maps may be updated

This is a 6 player map set in a red zone environment on a dessert dry mid-day. Mountains form natural borders but there are many ways to access each base. there are Tiberium spikes sprinkled around along with other tech buildings. The middle of the map also contains 2 tiberium fields built for fast paced game play. Download now
King of T he Hill
8 player map, can be on teams or FFA Take the middle and when your Time is o then you win Download now
Capture and Hold (Capture the Flags)
Similar to King of the Hill only there are 3 Control points and this is a 4 player map where you cannot build Tanks and other units but you receive some reinforcements Download now
300 A.O.D. version
1 Human or AI vs 4 Humans, Defend until the timer is out, you will lose if they control the starting area Download now



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