Ambush General is made for those with patience, a frontal assault with any other army would be very difficult. Hit and Run tactics prove to be the best for this general.

Picture: Unit: Description Cost:
Rattler Missile Tank a fast tank armed with missile pods 1400
Drug Tank More heavily armored battle bus that gives the drug upgrade N/A
Sniper Stealth while moving and firing
and can build demo networks
Guerilla Fighter Stronger than a rebel and is armed with an Dual Uzis 800
Hijacker Steals any vehicle and is armed with TNT 800
RPG Technical Similar to the original technical except this is armed with a RPG 800
Flak Tank A medium armored tank that has a strong anti-infantry/helicopter  weapon 1200
APC 5 Troop Transport that has 2 machine guns on it, 1 can target aircraft 1200
Camo Starstreak A truck armed with 4 guided missiles great VS  air and tanks 1200
Demo Tunnel Similar to the original tunnel except it has a bomb instead of a machinegun 600


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