Picture: Unit: Description Cost:
Hijacker armed with a pistol, these units can hijack any vehicle 650
Chaparral Mk3 GLA Army General has built much stronger anti-air defenses that put fear in pilots and tanks 1000
Berserker a flame dispensing vehicle that burns almost anything 750
Guerilla stronger than a rebel, is armed with an AK-47 and can capture buildings 400
Deadi GLA snipers that are stealth while not moving and firing 400
Mine Layer an armed vehicle which carries mines 900
Flak Buggy newer flak which has a better speed than other flak vehicles 800
Scorpion a tank with the cannon and turret set high above the chassis which allows for longer range fire and increased line of sight 1000
Rocket Truck armed with many guided rockets and speed this can be a annoyance to other armies if micromanaged 1200
Lasher Tank a standard tank with speed and moderate armor, but lacks good firepower 800

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