USA Air Force General has very little ground forces because he prefers to be able to have mobility of air craft and helicopters. He has the standard defenses of USA and is considered the most adaptable general once he has upgraded to his full potential.

Picture: Unit: Description Cost:
Hover Craft Ferries vehicles on water or land but must be guarded because of lack of armor. 900
B1-b Lancer the artillery of Air force General, I would suggest getting these in the air as soon as possible 2000
Ah-64 Apache a strong attack chopper that mounts hellfire missiles and and rockets 1400
F-35 JSF VTOL joint strike fighter, mounts stealth and 4 missiles, only drawbacks are slow speed 1000
UH-60 Blackhawk assault chopper that mounts a heavy machine gun and 4 troop fire ports 1800
C-130 Hercules a transport plane that comes with 8 paratroops, instead of purchasing a science why not use this? 875
RAH-66 Comanche a stealth helicopter armed with 8 missiles and a machine gun, weak armor and production cost are the only drawbacks 1800
Air Field newer Air Fields have been developed for Air force General 2500
B-3 Spirit Bomber Stealth Heavy bomber, and considerable a super unit, it carries carpet bombs, its drawbacks are armor, cost, and speed 3400
TOW Hummer Is a replacement for the original hummer basically it is a supped up hummer without a machine gun 600

for more units you will have to download the mod

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