USA Army general is a solid general that has many units that are capable in many situations, his only draw back is his Air Force.

Picture: Unit: Description Cost:
Hover Craft Ferries vehicles on water or land but must be guarded because of lack of armor. 900
Ah-64 Apache a strong attack chopper that mounts hellfire missiles and and rockets 1800
Cyrus Tank A medium tank with many balanced specs, it mounts an armor piercing cannon and a machine gun for infantry 850
M-270 MRLS A Multi-Rocket-Launch-System capable of great damage in a general location, if grouped together and located correspondingly, they can be very usefull 2000
K-434 Artillery a medium armored artillery unit with a weak but quick projectile that is decent all around, is meant to coincide with the Cyrus 1000
Delta Force armed with a much more powerful weapon than standard infantry, these soldiers are stealth and are meant for base infiltration 650
UH-60 Blackhawk assault chopper that mounts a heavy machine gun and 4 troop fireports 1800
Support Trooper Armed with a SAW (squad assault weapon) these soldiers great at close ranges but lack speed and and range for long engagements 450
Pill Box this is the standard infantry defense of U.S.A. they have great range and power but their weapons are not armor piercing 500
Spotter a scout unit that is a great pair with pathfinders because this unit has the ability to call in continual air strikes 850
F-16 Falcon The F-16 Falcon comes with 4 bombs and is the main aircraft of U.S.A. Army General, it can purchase an upgrade to grant it 2 sidewinders 1200
Turret defense another standard defense of the U.S.A. which is a great defense against vehicles 500

for more units you will have to download the mod

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